Jon Colman Photographic ART.

“The aim of my imagery is to make you connect, but to also make you think differently than if you were just looking at a photograph.” Says Jon Colman, who is a Photographic Artist/Pictorialist, creating large format canvas prints of his work. 

Jon has travelled extensively through Southern and East Africa to photograph material that can be used for his photographic art-works. Jon’s creative workflow is to envision a final image, then to photograph subjects from which the image can be created. Using digital darkroom techniques many hours are spent creating a fresh and engaging image.

“Art is about your interpretation. It is about an encounter with a different space to the rest of your life, yet directly connected to it, if it is hanging in your home, or office.” Says Jon.

His images do not reference photographic form. The results are a deconstruction of the original photograph, to the extent that the image style is completely shifted. With a subtle minimalistic approach, he creates work in which a fascination with the clarity of content can be found.

Recently, Jon has concentrated his work on creating Colour prints of various Trees. From familiar purple/blue Jacarandas of Pretoria to stunning red/orange Flamboyant Acacias from Malawi and green Acacia Tortilis, photographed in the bush of Tanzania. These meticulously planned works resound and resonate with the viewer, luring them into a state of calmness and repair. Bringing the mental and physical restoration that we get from nature. His works establish a link with the original landscape’s reality and that which he conceived when taking the photograph.

Jon’s signature works are his striking black & white images of Africa’s Iconic Baobab Trees. He has travelled throughout the Northern areas of South Africa, into Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Namibia to find the finest examples of these magnificent trees. Each specimen seems to have its own character and presence, which Jon portrays, through taking his original photograph, and processing it to a point that isolates these glorious trees in their own grandeur.

Jon’s stylized Wildlife prints are also very popular. Created in a similar manner to his trees, his aim is to produce a contemporary wildlife image and to create a fresh style of art that can offer the viewer timeless enjoyment.

It was in 2010 that Jon decided to take a break from a 26-year career in the motor industry, and to go and explore parts of Southern Africa that he had not seen during 14 years of living in Johannesburg, South Africa. The intention was to explore and take photographs that could be used to create wildlife images that he had been producing as a hobby for a local gallery. What was a planned six-month break soon became a new journey and direction in Jon’s life. His work has become very popular and is selling through five different galleries.

During 2015, Jon has exhibited across the UK with The Photographic Angle – Wildlife of the World exhibition. He has previously exhibited internationally with the Royal Photographic Society in London. His work has sold to many corporate clients and features in many homes. At the time of writing he has sold over 2,750 prints.

All of the large format prints that are produced are of a limited edition of 24 pieces. Usually sized 140x100cm, though other sizes can be ordered. Each print is signed by the artist and numbered. The prints are produced on high quality imported canvas and printed with archival quality inks. 

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